The following is a list of our Manufacturers and Products. Territorial limitations apply. Please contact Rainville and Associates to determine if a particular product is available from us in your location.

Custom Air Handling Units, Rooftop Air Handlers, Prefab Mechanical Penthouse, Modular Air Handling Units, Energy Recovery Units, Customizable Controls by BACnet
Indoor/Outdoor Air Handling Units, Modular and Field Erected Air Handling Systems, High Performance Fan Coil Units, Replacement Coils, Replacement Fanwall Technology,
Custom Air Handling Units, All Aluminum, Stainless Steel, and Galvanized Steel Construction, Replacement Fanwall Technology, Data Center Units
Dedicated Outside Air Systems, Energy Recovery Units, Packaged Air Conditioning Units with Energy Recovery, Enthaply Wheels, Plate Heat Exchangers, Heat Pipe, Multiple Cooling and Heating Options.
Packaged Rooftop Air Conditioning Systems, Custom Air Handling Units, Custom Penthouse Units, Packaged Chillers
High Efficiency, Oil-Free Chiller Technology, Air-Cooled, Water-Cooled, Geothermal, featuring the Turbocor, frictionless bearing, oil-free variable speed compressor.
Condensing Boilers, Redundant N+ Boilers, Replacement Burners for most commercial boilers.
Autoflow Control Valves, Manual Balancing Valves, Venturi Flow Meter Fittings, Combination Valves, Coil Connection Kits, and Piping Accessories. STOCKING Manual Valves and Kits 1/2" to 6"
Integral Face & Bypass Coils in Steam or Hot Water, Combustion Make-up Air Units, Fresh Air Makeup, and Industrial Unit Heaters and Door Heaters.
Variable Frequency Drives in 6-Pulse, 18-Pulse, and Active Front-End technology. Available with manual and electronic bypass, STOCKING PACKAGED DRIVES IN 208v and 480v
Direct Fired Make-Up Air Units, Indirect Fired Make-Up Air Units, Air Rotation Units, Air Cooled DX Make-Up Air, Energy Recovery Units.
Manufacturer of quality Thermometers, Digital Thermometers, Thermometer Wells, Pressure Gauges, and Gauge Accessories. STOCKING 9" Glass Type, Bi-Metal, Digital Thermometers, as well as, Dry and Liquid Filled Pressure Gauges and Accessories.
Custom Air Handling Units, Data Solutions, Clean Room Units, and CLEAN SUITE, a modular clean room system for operating room environments and more.
Steam to Hot Water Generators, Clean Steam Generators, Steam Dearator Systems, Boiler Feed Systems, and Steam Powered Condensate Pumps
Flexible Pipe Connectors, Flexible Hoses, Expansion Joints, Expansion Compensators, and Fabricated Expansion Loops STOCKING Braided Stainless Steel, Rubber Single-Sphere, and Braided Hoses
Water Source and Geothermal Heat Pumps, Vertical, Horizontal, Water-Water, and Split System WSHP.
Float & Thermostatic Steam Traps, Inverted Bucket Traps, Pilot Operated Steam Reducing Valves, Steam Specialties. STOCKING F&T and Bucket Traps