At DRA we have experience in applying our products across a wide range of markets.  The following is a list of the market sectors in which our products have been used, as well as, some project highlights.

CHESAPEAKE COLLEGE - ALLIED HEALTH & FITNESS CENTER Project consisted of (2) custom packaged air conditioning single-zone vav units by VENMAR with total enthalpy wheels, integrated goethermal water source heat pump, modulating hot gas reheat, and fully programmed BACnet DDC controls.
GREENWOOD ELEMENTARY SCHOOL - Princess Anne County Schools Project consisted of (3) rooftop energy recovery units with enthalpy wheels by VENMAR, (2) custom rooftop szvav units with enthalpy wheels, and (1) 100% OA kitchen make-up air unit. All units included geothermal wshp and factory packaged controls.
LYONS MILLS ELEMENTARY SCHOOL - Baltimore County Public Schools Project consisted of (6) rooftop energy recovery units by VENMAR and (2) rooftop single-zone vav units by VENMAR. All units included combination enthalpy wheel and plate heat exchangers with dual temperature coils, and factory packaged BACnet controls.
UNIVERSITY OF MARYLAND EASTERN SHORE Engineering, Math, and Computer Sciences Building Project consisted of (4) custom rooftop air conditioning units by GOVERNAIR with enthalpy wheels, powered return fans, water-cooled DX cooling with multi-stage digital scroll compressors, and hot water heating. Project also included (38) geothermal water source heat pumps.
ATHOLTON HIGH SCHOOL - Howard County Public Schools Project consisted of (6) rooftop energy recovery units by VENMAR with dual plate heat exchangers, and 4-pipe chilled water/hot water coils. All controls were field furnished and installed by the ATC subcontractor.
TRIAD TECHNOLOGY CENTER @ JOHN HOPKINS - Phase 1 Replacement of an existing water-cooled chiller with SMARDT CHILLER GROUP oil-free chiller. Project featured and over-under chiller barrel configuration with Turbocor compressors.
TRIAD TECHNOLOGY CENTER @ JOHN HOPKINS - Phase 2 Second chiller replacement, this project utilized a side-by-side chiller barrel configuration which could be rigged in sections and assembled in place. Chillers were as manufactured by SMARDT CHILLER GROUP
NORTH CHEVY CHASE ELEMENTARY - Montgomery County Public Schools Project consisted of a VENMAR rooftop dedicated outside air systems with integrated air-cooled DX cooling, modular gas-fired reheat, and packaged BACnet controls.
TOWSON UNIVERSITY - West Village Student Housing Construction of two high-rise apartment buildings at Towson University. The project consisted of (4) Dedicated Outside Air Units with energy recovery wheels and integrated water source heat pumps, plus (2) 100% Make-Up Air Units also with water source heat pumps. Project called for a complete system of stand-alone controls with the future capability of integrating to the campus management system via BACnet.
MERKLE OFFICE BUILDING - Columbia, Md Project consisted of a Mammoth Packaged Rooftop Central Air Conditioning System utilizing a (27) Fanwall(tm) fan array, air-cooled DX cooling, and packaged VAV controls. Fanwall Technology was chosen on this project for it's reliability in a critical mission application and for the reduced maintenance of many small horsepower fan motors vs a few large horsepower fan motors.
FALLSTON HIGH SCHOOL - Harford County Schools A "team project" with Johnson Controls, this project included (2) 380-ton SMARDT CHILLER water-cooled chillers with oil-free, magnetic-bearing compressors by Turbocor. These chillers proved their metal during commissioning when they were subjected to very low part-load conditions, as well as, flow and operating temperature fluctuations during testing.
BALDWIN ELEMENTARY/MIDDLE SCHOOL - Manassas School District To Be Completed January 2017
WESTOWNE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL - Baltimore County Public Schools A new school built and occupied in 10 months, this project consisted of (6) Dedicated Outside Air Units, and (2) Single-Zone VAV units. Units featured a total enthaply wheel and an "alpha" sensible plate heat exchanger.
RELAY ELEMENTARY SCHOOL - Baltimore County Public Schools To Be Completed June 2017
WIGHT AVENUE OFFICE BLDG - JMT Engineering HQ To Be Completed December 2016